we are the manufacturer of HDPE pipes, located in I- 9 Industrial area Islamabad. We are providing high quality plastic pipe systems for water, gas, mining, boring, subducting and underground optic fiber cabling. Pakistan Pipes manufacture a wide range of Polyethylene pipes. These pipes are manufactured according to international standards ensuring excellent quality and reliability.

pp compression fitting is novel in structure and easy to install and use, especially in pipeline maintenance. This fitting is composed of pipe fitting body, lock nut, pipe clamp and V-shaped sealing ring. When using, the nut and pipe clamp shall be put on the pipe in turn, and the pipe shall be inserted into the pipe body 4-5 cm through the Vshaped sealing ring, and then the lock nut shall be tightened.

Pakistan Pipes is a leading supplier of underground warning tapes. These tapes are widely used in various types of direct buried gas pipelines, oil pipelines, urban water supply and drainage, power cables and communication cables etc. These tapes withstand exposure to harsh weather. They are highly visible and are resistant to oil and corrosion, comes with liner low density polyethylene (LDPE).